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Kip Ewing has continually been developing a broad range of experience and ability. Starting as a British car mechanic at age 18, he has developed his skills through his work with many of the worlds most exclusive manufacturers including; Aston Martin, Callaway Cars, Bentley, and Karma.  Perhaps most prominent were his roles in both the 2005 and 2017 Ford GT supercars. He has been named in over 25 US and international patents.

Personal projects include the design and engineering of the Ford GTX1 roadster.

His entrepreneural endeavors include founding Ewing Inc., a private-label and contract manufacturer of high-end carbon fiber components for sports cars and yachts. Ewing Inc. evolved into a full-service design and prototyping shop with diverse capabilities.  Ewing Inc. ceased formal operations in 2014 so Kip could focus exclusively on the 2017 Ford GT.