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Kip Ewing has developed a broad range of experience and ability, crossing; Engineering, Design, and Business Development as a recognized leader in the Sports, Luxury, and Electric vehicle market.


Starting as a British car mechanic at age 18, he has developed his skills through his work with many of the worlds most exclusive manufacturers including; Aston Martin, Callaway Cars, Bentley, Karma, and Czinger Vehicles.  More recent roles include serving as Chief Engineer and Vehicle Line Executive for the Los Angeles-based electric vehicle start-up INDI EV.  Perhaps most prominent were his roles in both the 2005 and 2017 Ford GT supercars. A prolific inventor, he has been named in over 25 US and international patents. Core to his skill set is the ability to balance overall vehicle attribute delivery consistent with low-volume profitability. 

Currently Kip is consulting start-ups and established companies in areas of Vehicle Engineering and Business Development. Having held leadership positions in a number of EV start-ups, he has a unique perspective on enablers and barriers to success. 

Personal projects include the design and engineering of the Ford GTX1 roadster and serving as a Flight Mechanic & fabricator on the Big Imagination Boeing 747.

His entrepreneurial endeavors include founding Ewing Inc., a private-label and contract manufacturer of high-end carbon fiber components for sports cars and yachts. Ewing Inc. evolved into a full-service design and prototyping shop with diverse capabilities.  Ewing Inc. ceased formal operations in 2014 so Kip could focus exclusively on the 2017 Ford GT.

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