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Czinger 21C Ewing

Czinger 21C

Senior Director of Vehicle Integration
2005 Ford GTX1 Ewing
2005 Ford GTX1

Designer and Engineer

Bentley Silverstone Ewing
Bentley Silverstone

Coachbuilt project for the Sultan of Brunei -

Lead Engineer for body and retracting hardtop, etc.

Ewing Inc. Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber

Private label and contract manufacturing

Karma Revero GT Ewing
Karma Revero GT

Chief Engineer

2005 Ford GT Ewing
2005 Ford GT

Engineering supervisor - Vehicle Architecture and Package, Body Interior, Prototype builds

Ewing Aston Martin Concept Mid Engined
Mid-Engined Aston Martin Concept

Designer, Engineer, Fabricator

2017 Ford GT Ewing
2017 Ford GT

Assistant Chief Engineer

2005 Ford GT500 Ewing
2005 GT500

Body Engineering and Package

Twin Tech Ewing

Conceptual design - Harley Davidson powered sports car


Chief Engineer and Vehicle Line Executive

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