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For the better part of 8 years, Kip lead his company Ewing Inc.

Ewing Inc. was a premier manufacturer of Class-A, exposed weave carbon fiber components. Ewing Inc. offered it's private label parts for; Ford GT, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.  Ewing Inc. also served as a contract manufacturer for a number of low-volume automotive companies and the yacht industry.

Ewing Inc. developed full-service prototyping capabilities including; sand casting, clear lens for lighting, molded rubber part production, fabrication, vacuum forming, welding, laser scanning, etc.  All pattern making, tools and fixtures were produced in-house.

Upon starting the 2017 Ford GT program, Kip shuttered operations to focus his attentions exclusively on the new GT.

This page documents a small portion of the work produced by Kip and his team of Craftsmen.

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